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A) The development in gross motor skills through the use
of various gym equipment and activities:

* Dancercise - exercises and movement with music
* Hurdles and hoola-hoops
* Geo-dome climbing
* Gymnastics- balance beams, uneven bars, vaults
* Kickball games and bean bags
* Introduction to team sports, emphasis on sharing, cooperating and good sportsmanship, resulting in shared satisfaction of achievement.
* Games and Activities include: Soccer, Tennis swing-ball, T-ball and uni-cycle


B) The development of fine motor skills through the use of materials refining
eye-hand coordination:

* Montessori Geometric insets - introduction to formal writing through shape formation
* Montessori sandpaper numbers
* Montessori sandpaper letters - lower case
* Tracing thick yellow lines, zigzags, curves and straight lines
* Tracing yellow number papers
* Tracing yellow letter papers