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Math Skills

The development of basic math skills are established through the use of manipulative math materials appropriate from pre-school to kindergarten. In order to give each child a strong foundation in the understanding of number concepts, math skills are developed through a wealth of manipulatives, from Montessori wooden spindles and mancala, to Kumon, checkers then chess. All presented in an experiential way.

* Counting out quantities to 1-100 etc.

* M and M's Math games

* Recognizing numbers 1 to 100 in proper order

* Placing numbers 1 to 100 in proper order

* Understanding "more than" and "less than"

* Understanding "odd" and "even"

* Understanding ordinal numbers

* Being able to reproduce shapes and numbers

* Initial understanding of time: clocks, hands, face, second hand

* Introduction to money and coins

* Introduction to Kumon manipulatives.

* Introduction to Montessori 1 to 100 board

Language- Pre-Reading Skills

*Dramatization and acting out stories

*Retelling stories in proper sequence

*Understanding of "real" and "make believe"

*Finding the main idea in a story

*Understanding our calendar - months, weeks and days

*The memorization and verbalization of their full name address and phone number

*Recognizing rhyming words, colors and shapes

 *Being able to follow 2 or 3 commands