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"My personal experience with Ms. Deanne through
my child's attendance at the C.O.O.L. school

To describe Ms. Deanne, usual words such as, "good" teacher, loving, caring, welcoming, and warm would definitely apply. However, Ms. Deanné has unique, multi-layered characteristics which are normally not compatible with a rigid, established, and traditional school culture. She is spontaneous, resilient, inspiring, dynamic, flowing, flexible, natural, evolving, positive, energetic, fun, personable, and new...

To me, Deanne is a shock since everything at the C.O.O.L. school was opposite from what I expected from teachers and school as a system. I grew up in a Japanese school culture where it can be described with the exact antonym of all those words I just used to describe who Ms. Deanne is.

Encountering Ms. Deanne was quite a life changing discovery for me and my child. She taught me it IS possible for children to be treated personally in a school environment yet they are able to earn a sense of community and nurture the confidence necessary to be successful in their new and big world. I've witnessed the depth of intelligent potential her preschoolers exhibit and flourish using their talents at her school. It was quite an enlightening experience to find out capable small children can be. I never knew and perhaps underestimated the power of preschoolers' till I met Ms. Deanne and her school. Without this fundamental confidence which the children learn, and the sense of security and comfort provided by this nurturing environment, the children would be limited in their ability to discover and learn new things.

What is also amazing about Ms. Deanne is that she nurtures not only her little students but involves everyone in her community. This includes parents as well as her teachers. We all learn and grow together. Because of this, Ms. Deanne's school sometimes challenges me as a parent and as a member of a community. This challenge inspires me to me a better parent; one who questions herself daily. How I am going to raise my child with such big potential, that he'll grow to be a good and caring man and an asset to society?

It just thrills me to watch how Ms. Deanne's community is growing and hopefully will continue to grow for many years to come. It is exciting to consider how each little seed she is tending will soon grow and blossom in a future where all kinds of hope will be lit up here and there. It is with these thoughts that make me hopeful for the future where my son will grow. Isn't this the ultimate goal to achieve for the genuine educator to make someone curious to discover and be hopeful for the future? "

Motoko Canton, Osaka, Japan


"I cannot say enough good things about Deanne Rollins and the California Ocean of Learning. If Deanne could have taught our son all the way through high school, it still wouldn't have been enough for us! She is a truly gifted woman with remarkable patience and energy. Her enthusiasm for children and for teaching is truly inspiring. She makes me want to be a better parent. Deanne's spirit is infectious, and it shows in the amazing teachers and helpers she has chosen for the school. They all seem to be equally invested in the children's education and well-being. 
  Deanne did not just prepare him academically for Kindergarten, she gave him a foundation for life. She taught him to think globally, care about the environment and to respect those around him. (Not to mention, speak beginner French, play the piano and learn about countless other cultures!)
The C.O.O.L. School is a very special place and I am beyond grateful that my son got his start there. Although he is now entering 1st grade at his "big boy" school, he still begs to go back and visit Deanne and the other teachers regularly. To me, that says it all." 

Parent of a C.O.O.L. kid